Ref: 1810882


The new wireless wall-mounted RTS range

The new wireless wall-mounted RTS range. Sensitive technology that interacts intuitively with all house openings.

Rolling shutter, Awning, Exterior Vertical Screen, External Venetian Blinds, Interior blind


Easy to live with

Design and customized installation
- Sustainable design
- A choice of frames to suit all styles

Touch sensitive, reliable technology
- Intuitive, fluid movement for total control over the home

Respects your interior
- Wireless solution easy to install anywhere, without damaging the walls 

Pojedinosti i specifikacije


  • Up / Stop (“my” button) / Down functions
    Open / Stop (« my » button) / Close functions
  • Wireless
    - Wireless control unit. Can be placed anywhere. No cabling.
  • Electrical frames compatibility
    - Fits into german electrical frames (compatible with DIN 49075 standard).
  • Battery low indicator
    - Helps with your remote diagnosis (remaining battery life) and ensures that the user’s control unit will always be on.
  • “my” function
    - Memorizes the favorite position of a product and allows you to find it instantly by pressing the «my» button. Simple to program and to modify.
  • 1 channel

Širina : 50 mm

Visina : 50 mm

Technical characteristics

Radio frekvencija 433.42 MHz
Boja/finiširanje Sjaj Crna
Faktor zaštite IP 30