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Home automation box with 3 apps

With Connexoon box io, the home automation box and its dedicated apps, connect and manage each environment in your home: Terrace, Access and Window. Connexoon is compatible with io-homecontrol equipment and is available for Android and IOS smartphones.

Rolling shutter, Exterior Vertical Screen, Interior blind, Swinging shutter, Garage door, Awning, Gate, Curtains, External Venetian Blinds, Veranda, Lighting, Alarm, Home automation / TaHomA, Pergola

Prelazak na umreženi mod

Kontrolirajte svoju opremu za terasu, pristup ili prozore putem aplikacija Connexoon.

3 aplikacije uz koje je lako živjeti


Connexoon Window

Umrežite svoje prozore uz Connexoon Window. Programirajte scenarije za život i izađite mirne duše, provjerite jesu li vrata i prozori otvoreni ili zatvoreni i upravljajte njima gdje god se nalazili.
Otkrijte Connexoon Window

Connexoon Terrace

Umrežite svoj trijem uz Connexoon Terrace. Kreirajte svoj ugođaj, pohranite ga, aktivirajte jednim klikom i upravljajte svojim uređajima.
Otkrijte Connexoon Terrace

Connexoon Access

Umrežite svoj prilaz uz Connexoon Access. Za toplu dobrodošlicu kad dođete kući, za provjeru je li vaš dom potpuno zaštićen dok vas nema, za provjeru uređaja i daljinsko upravljanje njima.
Otkrijte Connexoon Access


From motorised rolling shutters to connected rolling shutters... it’s just one step away and has become accessible to everyone.

  • Small price for great benefits.

Easy to install
No need for an internet connection on site to install the box and link the equipment as Connexoon is simply installed in Plug and Play mode*.

*Pairing with one way controls

Easy to use
Intuitive, clever, fun. In short, with the times! Each Connexoon application has been designed to make life simpler and more beautiful in just one click.

Pojedinosti i specifikacije


Connexoon is an easy-to-use and intuitive interface that allows you to centralise, control and program the connected io-homecontrol equipment of your home by environment: window, access and terrace.

You can control your equipment from a smartphone or tablet by downloading iOS or Android mobile applications for free.

For each environment, its dedicated apps:

  • CONNEXOON WINDOW: To programme living scenarios, head out with peace of mind and check remotely if your shutters and blinds are closed wherever you are.
  • CONNEXOON ACCES: To feel welcomed at home thanks to geolocation, make sure that your home is protected when you are away and check remotely if your alarm has been enabled and your gate or garage door are closed.
  • CONNEXOON TERRACE: To create atmospheres, save them by taking a picture and replay them in one click; but also to check remotely if your awning is closed.


Duljina : 110 mm

Širina : 71,5 mm

Visina : 24 mm

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Technical characteristics

Radio frekvencija 868 MHz
Nominalni napon/Frekvencija 5VDC / 500mA
Boja/finiširanje White
Faktor zaštite IP30